Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Information

Bolivar Peninsula is blessed with an abundance of natural areas, beaches, and access to Galveston Bay. These facilities and resources make the Peninsula an attractive place to live, work, and play. Park and recreation features are important to residents and serve as an element of the tourism infrastructure on the Peninsula. There are many public and private recreational assets along the Peninsula including over 25 miles of beach. Parks serve residents and visitors with a range of recreational facilities including baseball/softball, festivals/events, playgrounds, historic sites and fishing/boat launch areas, to name a few.

Concept Sketch of North Jetty

Conceptual Sketch of Possible North Jetty Developments

The Bolivar Blueprint Subcommittee on Parks, Recreation, and Tourism has been the key organization for developing eco tourism and parks and recreation recovery projects for the peninisula. In addition, the Houston Audubon Society is exploring establishing a system of of trails and including elevated board walk and viewing stands within the vast acreage that is owned by the Society on the Peninsula to encourage eco-tourists and bird watchers to come and see the fascinating migration of birds from across the Gulf.

Most parks and recreational facilities sustained damage by Hurricane Ike and need to be restored or rebuilt. There is an opportunity to restore and rebuild park facilities in a manner that will benefit residents and enable the community to expand tourism opportunities. The Subcommittee established the following goals and objectives:



Create comprehensive and diverse parks and recreational opportunities, including Eco-tourism, for residents and visitors.



  • Develop and implement a master plan for all park and recreation areas on Bolivar Peninsula that also address educational programming and environmental protection
  • Investigate Federal, state, and private funding opportunities to support park and recreation improvements
  • Support the Beach Parking Sticker Program using revenues to enhance and maintain beaches
  • Utilize areas of the beach to develop parks with public restrooms, showers, and access to the beach
  • Work with the County and Texas General Land Office to develop and implement a beach and bay use management plan that addresses access, vehicles, vendors, dune stabilization, erosion, and wetlands protection