Welcome to Bolivar Peninsula

Possible Welcome Sign for the Peninsula

Transportation and infrastructure impacts related to Hurricane Ike were significant on Bolivar Peninsula. Even a year after the disaster occasional tidal flow floods portions of State Highway 87 between Gilchrist and High Island. In addition, many local roads are in need of reconstruction.

Silt has filled in much of the Peninsula drainage system. The Bolivar Peninsula Special Utility District (BPSUD) water distribution system had over 1.5 million dollars in damage. Sewage treatment, prior to the disaster was handled by individual septic tanks for approximately 5,000 homes. The majority of the individual septic treatment systems were severely damaged or destroyed by the hurricane. Some newer developments are served by small privately owned sewage treatment systems. These impacts have had a significant influence on the recovery process of the Peninsula.


The Bolivar Blueprint subcommittee for infrastructure has identified the following goals and objectives to guide recovery of critical public services and transportation:



Repair facilities damaged by Hurricane Ike and support Peninsula population and economy with appropriate systems of transportation, drainage, water supply, and wastewater treatment.



  • Review, update, and finalize existing Bolivar Peninsula Wastewater Study
  • Develop, implement, and maintain a Stormwater Drainage Master Plan for the entire Peninsula in coordination with local, state, and Federal entities
  • Improve Bolivar Peninsula access
  • Harden utility facilities in a manner that reduces the risk of damage from future storms
  • Manage integrity of the dune system through beach management
  • Review the possibility of incorporating the Peninsula
  • Provide a fuel depot on Bolivar Peninsula for first responders