About PenDeCo, Inc.

Our mission: We are an organization to enhance the quality of life of, and for the benefit of, the residents of Bolivar Peninsula with a respect for, and in conjunction with, the unique environment in which we live.

The Bolivar Blueprint Committee and the Peninsula Development Coalition, or PenDeCo, Inc. (a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization), are working to implement recovery in the areas of housing; economy; parks, recreation & tourism; transportation & infrastructure; environment; education; and human services.

The Board

PenDeCo's Board is composed of citizens whose very livelihoods are very closely intertwined with the Peninsula. Each member has been handpicked by the Board President to best represent the diversity of Bolivar Peninsula and provide a wide range of expertise to allow for the Bolivar Peninsula to rebuild to new heights than imagined before. Click here to go to the PenDeCo, Inc. Board page