Human Services:

Along the 30-mile length of Bolivar Peninsula a wide range of neighborhoods can be found with diverse development styles. This rural, rustic diversity has been an important part of the character of the community. The approaches to implementing recovery strategies have been designed to enable residents and community leaders to maintain this character as rebuilding occurs. Strategies do not have to be implemented uniformly. The unique needs and opportunities of areas within the community may require that strategies be tailored. The overriding outcome of the recovery process is to create a community where individuality and preferences can coexist with strong, safe, sustainable rebuilding practices.



Rebuild, re-establish, and expand human services to make Bolivar Peninsula a safe, functional community.



  • Enhance emergency response services that serve the needs of the community
  • Provide services for seniors that will allow them to remain in, or return to, their homes
  • Provide opportunities for all Bolivar Peninsula residents to be active in their community
  • Expand provision of basic medical services and an emergency clinic centrally located on Bolivar Peninsula
  • Improve public safety on the Peninsula
  • Promote Galveston County’s “Blackboard Connect” program:

Blackboard Connect is a mass-communication service for emergency notifications and general public information. Messages can be targeted to entire communities or specific blocks or neighborhoods. Its value lies in its ability to send messages by multiple means – landline phone, work phone, personal cell phone, email, and SMS text. Citizens are required to enter their personal contact information on the Blackboard Connect web site to receive more than the landline message.