Develop Bolivar Education and Community Help (BEACH) Program to benefit the youth of Bolivar Peninsula.



Promote youth programs and after school activities for all children.



  • Create environmental and educational partnerships with the Housing and Environmental committees to help develop Green Initiatives, habitat restoration and marine biology projects.
  • Identify youth programs and after school activities with resources such as Boys and Girls Club and Head Start, research means to establish language classes, improve technological resources, and coordinate with surrounding area higher education institutions for distance learning.
  • Work in collaboration with Parks Committee to enhance Gregory Park and other facilities for the purpose of establishing recreational programs.
  • Work in collaboration with state and local historians, historical commissions, and others, to develop a program that will result in an accurate and formal record of the history of Bolivar Peninsula.  Educate the school-age population of the Peninsula, as well as all other interested residents and visitors, on the prehistory, history, and developing future of the Peninsula.