PenDeCo is:

An organization to enhance the quality of life of, and for the benefit of, the residents of Bolivar Peninsula with a respect for, and in conjunction with, the unique environment in which we live.


Bolivar Peninsula has a colorful history that includes pirates and oil barons, and has more than 3,800 residents, many of whom have resided here for multiple generations. With many miles of beaches and marsh, Bolivar is also a popular beach playground and ecotourism destination for numerous tourists and visitors the year round. The Peninsula has five distinct residential communities, these include (from west to east); Port Bolivar, Crystal Beach, Caplen, Gilchrist, and High Island. Each of these communities suffered damage and destruction related to Hurricane Ike with the areas of Gilchrist and Caplen bearing the worst devastation from the storm. Of the nearly 5,500 homes on the Peninsula, approximately 3,300 were destroyed and an additional 2,090 were left standing but were damaged.  The Bolivar Blueprint Committee and the Peninsula Development Coalition, or PenDeCo, Inc. (a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization), are working to implement recovery in the areas of housing; economy; parks, recreation & tourism; transportation & infrastructure; environment; education; and human services.

Hurricane Season:

We had the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, Alex, only one month into hurricane season and we were fortunate enough to not have been hit head-on by this storm. However, we are all too familiar with the destruction even a Category 2 storm can cause. We see how easily our lives can be interrupted with water rushing over Highway 87 and it's subsequent closure even when the storm is far away from us.  This was shown to us again with Tropical Depression 2, so far to our south, that closed Hwy 87 as well (see Letter to Governor Perry 7-22-2010). It is important that we stay interlinked as a community to allow the flow of vital information. We at PenDeCo, Inc. encourage the residents of Bolivar Peninsula to sign-up for the Galveston County Emergency Alert Program (Blackboard Connect). With the approach of these storms, those residents who had already signed up were kept informed of all critical updates, including the closure of Highway 87 and the alert of possible coastal flooding in the region. This system is designed to help the residents of Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston County make informed decisions regarding their safety. Please take the few minutes required to sign-up and the benefits will be immediately clear. The board of PenDeCo, Inc. urges all residents to remain vigilant and safe in the face of any storm that may threaten us.

→Housing Update 25 June 2010

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Emergency Alert Program

We at PenDeCo, Inc. highly encourage the residents of the Bolivar Peninsula to register for the Blackboard Connect automated emergency alert system. This system is being sponsored by Galveston County's Office of Emergency Management (GCOEM) in an effort to provide all the residents of Galveston County with an early alert to developing emergency situations.

The system will also be able to provide you with important community awareness issues that will be critical to you as a resident of the Peninsula.

The sign-up takes only minutes but when implemented it can be a lifesaving resource! Simply follow the link below to be directed to the GCOEM's signup page.

Blackboard Connect Signup


July 15, 2010

Please note the calendar:

Galveston County is embarking on its third Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Planning effort since 1998, and is seeking public comments and recommendations.   The first Master Plan was completed in 1998 and updated in 2003 to address senior citizen needs and programs.

Mr. Harris (Director of Galveston County Parks and Senior Services) asks County residents to participate in a web –based version of the Parks and Recreation Survey.  The web-based survey will be available from August 16th through September 30th and can be accessed through the County’s Department of Parks and Senior Services web site at:                                                                                            

“The County hopes to expand resident and park user participation in the master planning process through the web-based survey, thereby helping the County gain a better understanding of residents’ current and future recreation needs and concerns,” Harris said. 

In addition to the telephone and web-based surveys, the County is seeking resident comments and recommendations through a series of public meetings to be held in four locations later this month:

Meeting One:  6:30 PM, Tuesday, July 20, 2010 at Crystal Beach Annex – Bolivar Peninsula

Meeting Two:  6:30 PM, Thursday, July 22, 2010 at Bacliff Annex Building

Meeting Three:  6:30 PM, Tuesday, July 27, 2010 at Johnson Center, Carbide Park

Meeting Four:  6:30 PM, Thursday, July 29, 2010 at Walter Hall Park Pavilion

Galveston County Department of Parks and Senior Services will update the Commissioner’s Court on August 3, 2010 during a workshop at the County Courthouse in Galveston.   County residents are invited to attend and provide further comments and recommendations.

For more information, contact:  Dennis J. Harris, Director (409) 934-8100